How do I care for my flowers?

There a few easy steps you can do at home to keep your flowers as fresh as possible. Prolonging vase life starts with minimizing bacteria growth in your arrangement, to do so we recommend: removing blooms as they expire, keeping fresh water levels in your vase by flushing out the water or by replacing it every other day, and keeping your arrangement away from a heat sources and/or direct sunlight. 


Is Blue Jasmine a Teleflora Florist?

Blue Jasmine is a luxury floral design studio and pride ourselves in providing creative designs using premium product that we source globally and locally when available. Therefore, we do not create “big box” floral designs that have been predetermined by a wire service nor provide balloons, stuffed animals, fruit baskets, etc. We also do not forward your order to florists in other parts within the continental US.


Does Blue Jasmine offer a dozen red roses?

In an effort to stay true to our flower philosophy we have developed our own take on a dozen roses using gorgeous roses mixed with a few other varieties for textural interest and visual allure. We have found that our clients who give us a try receive only positive feedback from their loved ones. See The Prospect in our shop for our take on a dozen roses.