Meet Our Team

Paulina Nieliwocki

founder / designer 

Paulina is a dreamer and former teacher whose creative and entrepreneurial spirit needed a greater outlet than the classroom could provide, hence, Blue Jasmine opened in 2014.

Her love of flowers began as child, picking wild flowers for her mother and grandmother. Paulina’s idea was to provide the Garden State with an aesthetic that spoke to her idea of beauty.

Paulina’s artistry lies in being inspired by lush blooms, dainty accents, trailing vines, color, and texture. Many have told her: “You must love what you do,” because her passion for flowers is palpable. Just ask her what she thinks about any given flower and she is sure to begin gushing. In a nutshell she’s obsessed with all things pretty, a quintessential extrovert, and sincerely relishes in the happiness and beauty her work provides each and every one of her clients.


lead designer

With an instinct for what each stem can bring to a floral arrangement, TJ is the man behind Blue Jasmine's most show-stopping designs. Known as Paulina's right-hand man, you can find TJ at the shop, directing and installing intricate weddings, or taking trips to the NYC flower market. He is the peanut butter to her PB&J. In a nutshell TJ is a master gardener, incredibly kind, extremely funny and highly caffeinated.





 director of operations / designer 

Liz has been with Blue Jasmine since the very beginning in 2014. When she's not rocking out to 80's music, Liz is busy making the inner workings of Blue Jasmine run smoothly. Whether she's balancing the books or managing the boutique; Liz makes Blue Jasmine happen. "Going above and beyond" doesn't even begin to explain how deeply engaged she is with each and every customer; it's no wonder they all love her.