about us

Paulina Nieliwocki

founder / proprietor / creative director / designer 

Paulina is a dreamer and former teacher whose creative and entrepreneurial spirit needed a greater outlet than the classroom could provide, hence the creation of Blue Jasmine. Paulina’s idea was to provide the Garden State with an aesthetic that spoke to her idea of beauty.

Her love of flowers began as child, picking wild flowers for her mother and grandmother. Paulina’s artistry lies in being inspired by dainty accents, trailing vines, color, and texture. Many have told her: “You must love what you do,” because her passion for flowers and people is palpable. Since Blue Jasmine's opening in 2014, she sincerely relishes in the happiness and beauty her work provides each and every one of her clients.


lead designer / creative director - retail / wedding & retail floral designer / social media manager


With an instinct for what each stem can bring to a floral arrangement, TJ is the man behind Blue Jasmine's most show-stopping designs. His innate sense of shape and composition truly makes him an artist - not to mention his incredible styling skills, they are like none-other. In a nutshell TJ is an artist, master gardener, incredibly kind, extremely funny, a goofball, and most of the time highly caffeinated.



floral designer - weddings & events / events associate / events communications manager / master google sheets maker


Heather is a natural at floral design, creating noteworthy lines and patterns in her designs. She translates this visual talent in her position as event associate and all she does in this role. She keeps us all in line with perfect organization, mastered the art of translating ideas into proposals, and fine-tooth combing through all details. Her sweetness and professionalism is palpable, keeping all of us and more importantly our clients happy and looked after.


 director of operations/ financial director / contracts manager / quickbooks master / designer 


At Blue Jasmine since the very beginning, she is at the head of making the inner workings of the business run smoothly. Customer service is at her core and she is known for being attentive to our clients and communicates clearly. Whether she's balancing the books, juggling many contracts, or managing the studio she’s always deeply engaged with each task and every client; it's no wonder why everyone loves her. You know she is in the office when ‘80s on 8 is on the radio.



floral designer / retail flowers associate / a la carte services / subscriptions manager / sweetheart


Having an innate sense of beauty and kindness, Holly is truly amazing at understanding a client’s intention toward their floral gift and a bride’s personal flowers vision. Her love of flowers comes through with each piece; she truly owns the Blue Jasmine aesthetic of artfulness with an airiness that the smallest swallow can fly through her designs - understanding the truest sense of movement.